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HowTo: Get Your Own Custom !Vaughn Command
Want your own !Vaughn command? Of course you do!
  1. First, you need to come up with a Trigger and a Response. A Trigger is the command used to display an automated Response from the bot.

  2. Trigger: Cannot be sexually explicit or contain profanity, cannot exceed 15 characters and cannot include non Alphanumeric characters.
    Trigger Example: !mark

  3. Response: Cannot be sexually explicit, contain profanity, links to external sites, can contain non Alphanumeric characters and cannot exceed 200 characters.
    Response Example: -> @[email protected] -> Somebody hit @[email protected] with a cactus, please! (@[email protected] has asked to hit @[email protected] people with a cactus)

  4. Here is a list of command variables to make your chat command response more dynamic. They must be typed exactly as below within your response to work properly.

    @[email protected] = username of person using command in chat
    @[email protected] = text typed after the Trigger. Example: !cactus MarK
    @[email protected] = number of times chat command has been used by the person that used it in chat

$25 USD
Once the above has been received, it may take up to 72 hours for the custom !Vaughn command to be added, given that no issues arise from your submission. All sales final, no refunds. By purchasing a custom !Vaughn command, you agree to our Terms, Privacy and Game & VCoin Agreement.
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