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Game & VCoin Agreement
(Updated August 9, 2012)

This is a legally binding agreement between you and VaughnSoft (each, a "VaughnSoft Web Service," "Vaughn," "VaughnSoft," "[vn]," "[vn] Vaughn," "Vaughn Software," "Vaughn Network," "Vaughn Chat Robot," "Vaughn Gaming," "Vaughn Bot," "Vaughn Live," the Vaughn Live logo and collectively, the "VaughnSoft Web Services").

Vaughn is a free service to everyone. With new players every day, it becomes increasingly important that everyone play fair and has fun.
  • Be friendly and welcoming to other players.
  • Follow the rules of the Vaughn games.
  • Do not attempt to cheat, abuse and/or exploit the Vaughn games in any way.
  • Do not sell your account.
  • Do not try to steal other players accounts.
  • Have fun.

When purchasing VCoins, you agree to the following:
  • You are using your own funds to purchase VCoins (such as: you are the account holder of your Credit Card, PayPal account or other form of payment)
  • You agree that you are not given special privileges from VaughnSoft because you have purchased VCoins.
  • You agree that if caught cheating or other form of abuse of Vaughn, we reserve the right to place a hold on and/or take back VCoins purchased.
  • You agree that no refunds are given under any circumstances.
  • In the event of a chargeback of funds on your account, we reserve the right to terminate all access of Vaughn and/or VCoins at any time as well as block future purchases from your account(s), email address and/or ISP. We also reserve the right to recover lost funds by means of collection and/or other government agencies.
  • You agree that we may send you an invoice periodically to your billing address if you have accumulated transactions of $500 USD or greater during the lifespan of your Vaughn account(s).
  • You agree that VCoins are merely game tokens with no actual cash value.
  • You agree that you cannot redeem and/or resale VCoins for any cash value.
  • You agree that in the event of a price change of VCoins, VaughnSoft is not responsible and/or required to compensate you for past purchases of VCoins.
  • All prices are subject to change. If a price change occurs, you will not be reimbursed or credited in any way.