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VIP - Directly Support Vaughn Live
Since 2011 Vaughn Live has set out to be the top social streaming / IRL streaming community. We're not backed by investors and we don't have deep pockets. We exist because of our awesome community! It's not required to be VIP to use Vaughn Live, but it greatly helps us pay for the servers and everything related to maintaining the site. You can make a donation or become a VIP member, or both!
Want a discount? Buy VIP yearly!
VIP Gold is only $165.95 USD per year
Financially Support Us
First and foremost, VIP is to help financially support us!
No ads *
Remove all ads! Even the ones that cannot be blocked!
Priority Viewing
No more "Video Servers At Capacity" messages!
Fancy username fonts & colors
Make your username your own!
GIF & Stickers Tool
Post GIFs & Stickers directly to chat using our Tenor.com based GIF tool!
YouTube Chat Embed
Auto embed YouTube videos when you post a YouTube link in chat!
Advanced Video Routing **
Get routed to the closest video server for smoother viewing!
IRC Chat Access
Use an IRC client to chat in your favorite streams!
Use a VPN ***
This ensures what ever VPN service you use isn't blocked!
PayPal Button
Adds button to directly accept payments from customers!
Ghost Mode ****
Browse streams with the benefits of VIP but not signed in!
VIP Gold
$14.95 USD / month
$14.95 USD / month

* This excludes Global Messages, service notices, front page promotions, third party services.

* Free users are only routed to our Virginia, USA video edge system. We have a separate video edge system, with multiple locations, in place for VIP Gold members to greatly improve load times and reduce buffering. Our advanced video routing system picks the best location automatically for you. Note this is for viewing streams only, this is not for broadcasting.

** We utilize a third party service that determines if a connection is a VPN/Proxy. We block VPN/Proxy services from creating accounts and signing in to help prevent malicious abuse of our services. However, there are times where a legitimate ISP gets flagged due to a false positive. In which situation we gladly whitelist as soon as we are made aware of the error.

*** "not signed in" refers to your ability to chat. Nobody will be able to see you in the chat when Ghost Mode is enabled. Also note that you will not be able to chat with Ghost Mode enabled.
What don't I get?
  • This does not protect you from being banned, muted, etc in streams
  • This does not allow you to do as you please, you still must follow our rules and guidelines
  • This does not prevent your account or stream from being closed
  • This does not guarantee website/service uptime. We hate downtime, but sometimes things happen or services need scheduled updating.
  • If you are a streamer, this does not grant you a license to stream any content. You still must follow our broadcast guidelines.
  • Q: Why does VIP Gold cost $14.95 USD per month? That is awfully expensive. Other sites only charged $X.XX USD per month!
    A: It is very expensive to run websites like this. We have no investors, we are a bootstrapped company. We feel this is a fair price considering the features and number of websites & future mobile apps this VIP package covers.
  • Q: If VIP let's us bypass the Video Servers at Capacity message, that means you're intentionally limiting us to sell VIP!
    A: We put limits on our video servers to ensure they have enough overhead capacity to stay online. With VIP, we are adding server capacity which in the end benefits everyone.
  • Q: How do you decide when the Video Servers at Capacity message shows?
    A: If video servers are at capacity and channel has less than X viewers (Example: 150-1000), don't show servers at capacity message. And if channel has more than X viewers but servers are NOT at capacity, don't show servers at capacity message. We try to keep a 10% bandwidth overhead on each video edge server available at all times to act as a cushion for sudden traffic, those that have VIP, and those smaller channels. This number of viewers for the smaller channels totals to much smaller than you would expect which is why this solution can work without affecting the overall video system.
  • Q: Are these the only features for VIP Gold? I wanted more than this.
    A: No. We are working on additional features to add to VIP Gold in the coming future, at no extra charge to your existing VIP subscription of course.
  • Q: I'm one of the first one hundred to get VIP Gold for $9.95 USD per month. Is this forever?
    A: You will pay that amount for as long as you have VIP. However if you cancel VIP, that special rate will go away.
  • Q: Can I share my VIP account with other people?
    A: No. Your VIP account would be subject to termination if you shared it.
  • Q: How do I cancel my VIP subscription?
    A: :( What?! Well, if you must, sign in to the PayPal account you purchased VIP under and find the transaction. Once you've done that, PayPal will have an option to end the subscription.
  • Q: If I purchase VIP for my account, does that mean anyone that visits my stream won't see ads?
    A: No. The VIP features are only for your use.
  • Q: Will you offer a package in the future to remove ads for anyone that visits my stream?
    A: Possibly, but we do not have any plans for that at this time.
Terms & Conditions:
  1. VaughnSoft does not guarantee service uptime under VIP.
  2. In the event your account is terminated, your VIP should be cancelled and will receive no refund. If your VIP isn't cancelled once your account is terminated, please send an email to [email protected] with your usernamd and PayPal subscription ID.
  3. Under no circumstance shall you require VIP to participate on our services.
  4. Sharing, giving out, or selling accounts with VIP is strictly forbidden and will result in immediate account termination.
  5. VaughnSoft will not compensate you for service downtime as VIP does not come with an uptime guarantee.
  6. VIP does not guarantee the content you are looking for. Please do not contact us demanding specific content as we will immediately send your message to spam.
  7. No conditions printed or otherwise appearing on the space order, billing instructions, or copy instructions which conflict with VaughnSoft stated policies will be binding on VaughnSoft.
  8. VIP is an optional purchase package.
  9. All sales are final, under no circumstances will refunds be given.
  10. VaughnSoft reserves the right to change or modify the policies, terms, and rates set forth herein at any time.
In the event you open a chargeback or payment dispute against VaughnSoft, you will be blocked from making any purchases across all of VaughnSoft's services. You will also be subject to being permanently blocked from all VaughnSoft services. If you have any questions or issues with your purchase, please send an email to [email protected] immediately.